Thursday, August 14, 2008

vi for Apps DBAs (2)

Happy Independence Day !! - August 15th 2008.

Its been a year I started blogging. I started my first post with vi for Apps DBAs on Aug 15th 2007. It was a great experience being part of the online community. I admire and I'm inspired by seeing the time and efforts put in by the fellow bloggers in the world to share their experiences. No wonder blogging is a great platform to convey, express and educate yourself. Happy blogging. !!

Following are great blogs I came across.

Steven Chan's - I like the controlled words and constant updates he provides.
Ask Tom - How many hours in a day he has got ? :) I admire the time he spends in answering questions.
Krishna Kumar's (Thought Clusters) - he articulates very well.

This August 15th, I would like to post Part 2 of vi for Apps DBAs.

How to copy multiple text strings located at different places in a file and paste em whenever you want and retain the selection till the time you quit the file ?

Interesting ? Read on...

Assume you have "Tom" located at line 1 and "Jerry" located at line 10.

Go to line 1: "ayy
Go to line 10 :"byy

Lines 1 and 10 are retained in the buffer a and b till the time you quit the file or over write the buffer with the new text. Now it is very simple to get Tom and Jerry whenever you need :).

To get "Tom" : "ap
To get "Jerry" : "bp

Thats all Folks !! :)

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