Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 Installation on HP DV6 Quad Core with 8Gb RAM Notebook

Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 5 Installation on HP DV6 (I7 700 Series) Quad Core 8GB RAM panics with Kernel panic - not syncing


At the boot prompt use "linux acpi=off" , this will help you overcome the above kernel panic error mentioned and puts one more in front.

In the next screen, it will prompt you to select the media location. If you are installing using CD it will prompt you to select the driver for the CD in the next Screen. If the driver name is not listed for the drive you are using....you are in trouble.

To overcome the driver selection hurdle, perform a media check for the CD and wait for the media check to complete and press Continue. This will take you further in the installation process.

You can find more information about ACPI here.

Enjoy !!

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