Tuesday, December 4, 2007

adpcpcmp.pls - Takes an hour while applying any patch after upgrading to

Any simple problem after the upgrade that is not resolved will have long term maintenance related issues in production.

It is very important to watch the alert log while applying Oracle Applications patch as it gives wealth of information. As a matter of practice I watch the alert log while applying a patch and noticed that Invalid's Compilation stage of adpatch performed by "adpcpcmp.pls" was taking 60 mins. The alert log watch of mine caught the following error.

-- Clip --

Wed June 5 11:55:00 2007
Waited too long for library cache load lock. More info in file /xxxx/xxxx/udump/orcl_ora_7064.trc.

-- End Clip --

The trace file shows the following object

-- Clip --

LIBRARY OBJECT HANDLE: handle=3b3a2f458

-- End Clip --

Thats all was needed for me to cut down the compilation time from 60 mins to 10 mins. The host referenced in SID used by the above database link was not reachable.

So, watching the alert log while applying Oracle Apps patches pays off !!.

Enjoy !!


Periyasamy said...

Yes, always monitoring database alert log is necessary while applying patches especilly while doing upgrade.


Anthony Reddy said...

this is really a good practical advice, last time when i do upgrade on development instance i did'nt check the alert log. i will make note of it.

Anthony Reddy,
Apps DBA, SIIX Singapore pvt. ltd.

Madhu Sudhan said...

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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