Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Revisting My Previous Post "DBUA FAILS WITH unable to extend rollback segment ODMA_RBS01"

I thought i'll add in more details to the post "DBUA FAILS WITH unable to extend rollback segment ODMA_RBS01".

Just changing the entry "
InNewTablespace name="ODMA_RBS" size="50" unit="MB"" in
$ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbma/mep.cfg is not sufficient. There are couple of more tags that you need to play with in mep.cfg. Refer to "CreateRollbackSegmentsODMA_RBS01" revert="true" " section in the mep.cfg and pay attention to the following tags.

#1. Maxsize value="90" unit="MB"
#2. MaxExtents value="30"

Note: All the values mentioned above are default values.

I ran into an issue when I changed maxsize to "20000" (20 Gb). Where 20Gb of ODMA_RBS was my requirement. DBUA fails with the following message.

CREATE TABLESPACE ODMA_RBS DATAFILE '$ORACLE_HOME/oradata/SID/odma_rbs.dbf' SIZE 2147483648 REUSE AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 10485760 MAXSIZE 20971520000 default STORAGE ( INITIAL 3145728 NEXT 3145728 M

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-02494: invalid or missing maximum file size in MAXSIZE clause

--End Clip--

Solution: Looks like when DBUA interprets mep.cfg it converts the above values that were changed in bytes. So, when it does create tablespace command doesn't recognize a byte equivalent value of more than 4Gb ( Reference
Note:207964.1 ). I haven't got a chance to explore more about it. When I do, you will see a new post :-) in my blog. Till then restrict yourself to have maxsize to 4Gb or lesser value in mep.cfg.

Enjoy !!

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